green hornet seth rogenGreen Hornet existed for the past decades and though various attempts have been made to turn the script into movies and into long running series, it is only the comic that ever succeeded. It’s not a remake of the 1940’s, but it does see some characters return, however it has been modernized. Green Hornet movie is an action adventure, packed with funny one-liners, goofy situations and not an ordinary way to fight the crime, but if it gets rid of it, then it was all worth it. While the funny liners make it lighthearted, there is actually a thriller theme throughout and a mystery that needs to be solved in the best way possible.

Green Hornet 2011 is due to come out in Jan next year and will be available in 3D format for the extra experience. Get Green Hornet download shortly after the movie is premiered officially and enjoy the crime fighting, belly tickling and admiration for the exceptional Black Beauty for time to come, all thanks to this timeless classic with the script modernized and updated by no one else but Seth Rogen. Enjoy special effects, fast pace and a string of well known characters that make Green Hornet a very different super hero movie from the ones released before.

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