Know The Celebrity Anti Aging Secrets For A Glowing Skin

George Clooney is a famous name in Hollywood film industry who needs no introduction at all. People love George Clooney as a person, as an actor and as a hero. He is a famous movie star and managed to astonish the world with his blockbuster movies. Apart from the movies, people also like George Clooney because of his looks and glittering face. George Clooney has managed to catch the attention of his female fans from a very long time to till date. Many women also want him even when he is in the mid Fifties. George Clooney is 55 now and he still looks young as if he is in his thirties. Many men crave to know the secret behind his anti aging looks.

With all his hard work and insufficient sleep, George has still managed to make his skin look younger and vibrant rather than looking dull and old. George Clooney was recently in the news because of the invitation he has received from Dr. Oz for the talk show. Dr. Oz has asked him many questions which were answered very fairly. But the question which has created the entire buzz in Hollywood was the secret of George Clooney anti aging wrinkle cream. Everyone wants to know about the secret of his young skin. When he was asked he replied that he uses sun screen lotion on a regular basis to make his skin more bright and healthy. He doesn’t drink alcohol or smokes. Keeping all these things away, he has managed to look good even after so many years.

He also said that he uses Dr. Oz anti aging wrinkle cream to remove any signs of wrinkles and fine lines to come over the face. Dr. Oz and his research team has managed to share a simple solution which can take at least 10 to 20 years off from your face making it look 10 years younger. This solution is 100% safe and easy to use. Dr. Oz miracle age reversal solution comprises of two major ingredients which are: Proprietary Bisophere and QuSome which helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines from your face making it look younger.

Proprietary Bisophere: Proprietary Bisophere also known as fountain of youth penetrates deep inside your skin and heals damaged skin cells by increasing the production of collagen in your skin. Collagen is an important skin ingredient which makes the skin look tight and plump. Collagen is a natural hormone whose production decreases as the age increases with time. You need to maintain that collagen level in order to make your skin look tighter and healthier.

QuSome: QuSome is used along with the Proprietary Bisophere. A solution is formed by combining the QuSome with the Proprietary Bisophere. This solution when prepared is applied on the face to make your face look a decade younger. QuSome works as a moisturizer which maintains moisture in your skin making it feel soft and rejuvenated. QuSome also repairs your skin and regenerates the skin cells which increase the glow on your face.