Going out on a sunny day and later having a sunburn is an undeniable discomfort reason. To avoid that discomfort and irritation we usually apply any sort of sunscreen without any tangible and authentic proof that it will do work without leaving us with any side-effects. There are plenty of sunscreens available in the market which are sold and used without any concern for the body damage, skin damage or any other detrimental effect of that particular product we are selling and using on a daily basis.

The most popular choice for us is usually the one with no side effects and optimal protector. For that purpose, mineral sunscreen is the one, that fulfills all needs of protection and absent side-effects. The mineral sunscreen is superior over other sunscreens which are usually the mineral sunscreens.

The main property of chemical sunscreen is their ability of absorption through our skin. The skin is our main bodyguard and immunity provider against most of the daily hazardous things, and if something could absorb through it, it will automatically enter into our blood stream and eventually disturbing the blood stream by tempering with our normal body mechanisms mainly causing endocrine disruption thus affecting hormone regulation and also causing organ toxicity. In contrast, mineral sunscreen is made with the ingredients which completely provides the full protection against Nano rays by scattering or reflecting them and at the same time by providing the heat necessary for the body.

Working on the same technology mineral sunscreens do provide an instantaneous and enduring protection because its particles do not have to absorb through the skin to start their work as in the chemical sunscreen. Actually, the mineral sunscreens do start armoring as soon as they are applied and no need to wait for 15-20 min before going out.

Another major reason to use mineral sunscreen is due to their great ability of protection against UVA rays which are the most hazardous sun rays and could penetrate the skin’s deepest layer i.e. dermis. This deep penetration could cause premature aging and wrinkling and suppression of our immune system, and all these side effects could not be ignored. So always chose a mineral sunscreen to have a complete sense of safety against all types of harmful rays.

Chemical sunscreens are lacking in a sense that they do cause some sorts of skin allergies or some rashes on the skin which could add up to the tension of already having a sunburn due to chemicals used in them. But, the mineral sunscreens are all way a great shield against all such side effects because of the presence of natural minerals in them which actually have quite soothing effects with them.

And the last, but not the least, to sum up; mineral sunscreens are environment-friendly. The chemicals used in chemical sunscreens such as most commonly used oxybenzone is linked with coral bleaching (coral reef damage) thus definitely affecting our environment so chemical sunscreens should be avoided and mineral sunscreens should be substituted with it.