No Harm In Telling White Lies To Your Doctor – Think Again


Never tell the following lies to your doctor:

1. “Yes, I did take the medication like you asked me to.”

If you ever take a lesser amount of medicine then prescribed or stopped using prescribed medicine or forget to purchase the medicine on the day it was prescribed and the time of next visit to your doctor arrive, visit him or her but do not hesitate, to tell the truth about medicine intake. If you consciously stop using the medicine share this with you doctor without hesitation. If you lie saying that I took mine medicine, but in reality, you did not, your doctor might understand that the medication is not working and will higher the dose or change the medicine that might harm your health instead of making it better. Always cooperate fully with your doctor and be honest if you need a fast recovery.

2. “I am not taking any other medications or supplements currently.”

Always tell the doctor if you use any kind of drugs, including controlling birth pills and aspirin and supplements including melatonin.  A number of supplements can bring out harmful effects to your body. Do not take any and if you have taken, please inform your doctor.

3. “I drink or smoke barely.”

Feel free to share with your doctor the amount of alcohol you consume every day. Your doctor does not want to shout at you rather will help you reducing the amount of glasses of wine or number of cigarettes you consume per day. Consuming so many drinks can be very harmful to you. One with friends in a month might be ok if you are healthy but still whatever it is your doctor must know.

4. “I am not on a diet, or I am taking a healthy diet.”

Tell your doctor all the details about your eating habits even if you think they are not doing any harm. Diet pills, Detoxes, excessive use of detoxifying tea, can have an impact on your body, especially in the long-term. Do not risk your health by hiding your eating habits from your doctor. A doctor knows best how to deal, don’t be shy in proving him even little details that matter.

5. “I always use protection.”

If you have made in protection and have not use any precautionary measures during sexual course then do not hesitate at least telling your doctor as he is the last person who can get you out of trouble; you can request him to keep your information confidential.

6. “Me? I’m not a smoker.”

Denying your smoking habits might be fine in front of others but never do this in front of your doctor. Telling your doctor about your smoking habit will help you to get rid of this habit with ease, and your doctor will feel it easier to find out the reasons of your disease and cure them on time. A number of techniques might help you to reduce and even get rid of smoking like eating a chewing or other distraction techniques.